Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yet more rules in the new SORNA law

This law needs to be fought. There are plenty of fees and it is obvious the intent is to circumvent previous laws that made it illegal to incarcerate individuals for being homeless.Until I can get a complete copy of the law AS PASSED, then I can't even say what other hidden rules there are. Why was the state legislature so quick to pass this bill and so quick to take it down after it was passed? Hm.

At any rate, this list is expanded from earlier reports. Once I get a full copy of the bill as passed (the final version) will post it up.

Key points of 2011 Alabama sex offender law
  • Repeals earlier sex offender law passed in 2005, but incorporates parts of later laws.
  • Requires adult sex offenders to remain in the state sex offender registry for life but makes exceptions for some younger offenders.
  • Requires offenders to report plans to be away from home address for more than three days or any out-of-state travel.
  • Requires day laborers to report when and where they will be on the job each day.
  • Requires adult offenders to verify registration information every three months and pay $10 fee for updating.
  • Requires homeless offenders to re-register and pay $10 updating fee every seven days.
  • Requires offenders defined as sexual predators or convicted of violent sexual offenses to wear a global positioning device at a cost up to $15 per day.
  • Allows offender to petition court for relief from lifelong reporting requirements if the offense was a crime only because of the victim’s age (consensual sex with a minor).
  • Requires offender to register with local law authorities within three days after moving to county and/or attending school in county.
  • Requires offender to update information within three days with every move or change in school.
  • Expands information offender must give to law enforcement to include vehicle information, telephone numbers, Internet and email addresses, palm prints, passport/immigration documents and professional licenses.