Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Question: Do out-of-state registrants have to register in Alabama if they are no longer required to register?

Below is a question posed to me the other day. I took out any info that may identify the writer. It asks a very good question.


I was convicted of ******** a Class A misdemeanor in Illinois in *****. I was never required to register, I just paid a ***** fine and never went to jail.  It was a romeo-juliet style thing with a girl less than 5 yrs younger than me......  I have no other offences since that time, or before that time.

If I moved to Huntsville, AL would I be required to report to the sheriff's office and be put on the registry there?

Been reading lots of conflicting info.

ANSWER: I contacted the Alabama Attorney General's Office with this question. Their response to me was to "ask the sheriff of the county you are moving to."

I have told the person who sent me the email this response even before I received this response from the Alabama Attorney General's office. I do find it interesting the AG's office, the very people most responsible for enforcing sex offender laws know less about them than an activist.

I have discussed travel issues on my main website, Once Fallen. Moving issues are similar to travel issues because many states consider visiting as "establishing" a "temporary residence." It can be complicated. Alabama gives you 72 hours to register.