Sunday, December 31, 2017

If you are a freezing registrant, even churches are willing to leave you out in the cold

Who would Jesus leave out in the cold? This news story is a miserable story to start the new year.

ADDENDUM: The church in the story published a FB post, [see later post HERE] where they stated, "We do not make the law, but we do have to abide by it. We will give them a hot meal, a hot shower, warm clothes, coats and blankets. We will also find the somewhere they can go. There are numerous other shelters available. They simply cannot reside in our facility, we are a family shelter, a great deal of our clients and children are under safety plans through DHR and the court system. Jesus would not kick them out into the cold and neither do we. We do the very best we can do within the limits of the law we must abide by. Perhaps if more people would get involved something could be done to rectify the situation and open a facility that will allow these individuals more help and resources. God Bless you and Happy New Year!"

Quite frankly, I'm skeptical of this church. Before they deleted a thread started by OnceFallen, they also stated Waterfront rescue mission and The City of Refuge as alternative shelters for those in Mobile Co. I'll contact them to see if they do accept registrants.

Christ N Us ministry in Bayou La Batre wants to make sure no one is without shelter Sunday. It already houses more than 30 people on a daily basis. While their doors are always open to any and everyone, they're especially urging those with no where to stay to come tomorrow.

Those who need shelter from the cold, a hot shower, warm clothes, a coat and something to eat can get it at Christ N Us....

Folks trying to escape the cold can start coming in Sunday around 3 pm. There will be some exceptions. For instance, sex offenders will not be allowed to stay because of children. Christ N Us also wants people to know that anyone in need is always welcome and anyone feeling the need to give is welcome to do that also.

For more information, contact Christ N Us on Facebook or by calling (251) 824-4003.