Registered Former Offenders Restoration Movement-Alabama (ReFORM-AL) was created in 2010 by Derek W. Logue of Once Fallen. Logue saw the need for a state-specific site to monitor Alabama’s sex offender laws, which are among the worst and most oppressive laws in the nation. The purpose of ReFORM-AL is to educate the public on the state of Alabama's sex offender laws as well as provide the tools necessary to assist in reforming the current system of laws in the state.

ReFORM-AL IS NOT AN ATTORNEY REFERRAL SERVICE. We DO NOT handle appeals, bail people out of jail, or any matter directly tied to defending yourself against sex crime charges. 

ReFORM-AL seeks to reconcile the state’s sex offender laws with the goals of rehabilitation and reintegration. We do not deny that those who commit sex crimes should be punished, but that punishment must be both reasonable and coupled with rehabilitation of the offenders, coupled with programs to help the offender reintegrate and contribute to society upon their release from prison.

ReFORM-AL believes that the current myriad of sex offender legislation, from Megan's law to residency restrictions to Scarlet letters on driver's licenses, and other such shaming and oppressive laws have been proven to be counterproductive and may increase the likelihood a former offender may return to a life of crime. We believe that feel-good laws based on raw emotion rather than evidence and reason have created laws that have done more harm than good.

ReFORM-AL believes and honest and open communication and education about sex offender laws and the people impacted by them. We believe that many members of the media, victim industry advocates, politicians, and members of law enforcement have misinformed the public (whether intentionally or not) about the true nature of those labeled “sex offenders”. We believe that until the public comes to terms with truth and valid statistics, not myths and stereotypes, we will continue to fail to address the root causes of sexual offending and failed to prevent victimization.

ReFORM-AL is a reform oriented group, promoting rehabilitation programs and services for those who have finished their sentences and are forced to live with the label “Registered Sex Offender”. We believe in the “No More Victims” mantra, and believe it extends to both offender and victim alike.

ReFORM-AL is an independent website, and is not affiliated with any other websites, even Once Fallen, which runs the ReFORM-AL blog. In addition, ReFORM-AL is not affiliated with, nor support, condone, or cooperate with any so-called “pro-pedophile” websites, i.e., websites that seek to abolish the age of consent laws and/or promote sexual contact between adults and young children. ReFORM-AL is always in need of volunteers willing to step up to the plate to fight for their rights.

To Contact ReFORM-AL:

email: iamthefallen1@yahoo.com
Cell Phone (texts accepted): 513-238-2873

About Derek W. Logue

Derek Logue is a civil rights advocate, sex offender law analyst and historian, and a writer who has advocated reforming America's sex offender laws since 2004. Logue is also a former offender who served three years in an Alabama state prison for a sexual act with a willing participant under the age of consent. In 2007, Logue received a partial pardon from the state of Alabama. Logue graduated from Athens State University in 1999 with a Bachelor’s in Justice Studies, and carries over a decade's worth of both practical and research experience in the field of sex offender studies. Logue has made a number of media appearances since 2006, including Russia Today, CNN, HLN, and a number of local media appearances, both in Alabama and across the US. Logue is best known for the popular website Once Fallen. 

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  1. I personally don't agree with the labeling of every person who might have looked at a porn site that offers under age pictures, a 19 year old male having consensual sex with a 15-16 year old and the man who rapes a girl with a knife to her throats being all labeled the same. When you look at the sex registered offenders they are grouped together as one. That's not right. Those that actually commit the act should be labeled, but because some parents insist their daughter had no right to say at 15 and now that 19 year old life is completely ruined forever and he has no chance to better his life and as he grows up become a member of society because he is labeled for life..
    it's a very flawed system and I don't believe it protect anyone..


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