Monday, May 10, 2010

US Marshals come to town. What do you do?

Recently, US Marshals, in conjunction with State and Local Authoriries, have begun conducting the latest round of so-called "compliance checks" across the USA. Unfortunately, under the federal Adam Walsh Act, the US Marshals have jurisdiction in sex offender cases, even though Alabama has not yet chosen to comply with the AWA.

Above is one such sweep in Alabama. Below are some tips on what you can do if the US Marshals come knocking on YOUR door.

  • DO NOT sign anything, ever, at your door! No matter how "innocent" it seems. Politely refuse,
    unless you can speak to your lawyer first.
  • DO NOT answer any questions beyond confirming that you are you, and required registration info.
    Anything else could be used (or twisted) to incriminate you.
  • DO invoke the 5th amendment if necessary. But be prepared to be peppered with more questions
    (What are you hiding? Eh?), and reply only that you want your lawyer present first.
  • DO NOT let anyone into your home without a warrant, unless you are still "on paper" and it is
    required. In almost every state, LE has no right whatsoever to enter a person's home without one.
  • DO NOT leave your home while LE is still at your door. You have strong protections in your home,
    but practically none once you are out on the street.
  • If you have easy access to a camera (cell phone in pocket), take a picture of the group on your
    porch, or better yet record the whole thing. Many cell phones have a "record" feature for you to talk
    into. Turn it on and keep it aimed at everyone speaking.

The last one is highly important, in my opinion.
Recording media is a registrant's best friend.
There are also
a number of spy cameras online.

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