Sunday, July 25, 2010

Scam Alert:

There are a number of people willing to prey upon people's fears. There are a number of websites willing to sell registered sex offender info to the highest bidder. Below is one such website:

Access any Alabama sex-offenders records with detailed and accurate information! All registered sex-offenders records of Alabama - get it here! is the best possible place to venture into the records of Alabama Sex Offenders.Register with us today to avail the most authentic and updated sex-offenders’ records in any corner of Alabama from the comfort of your home

I hate to say this, but I do not pity anyone who falls prey to this website. If you read the typos throughout the site, it becomes obvious it is run by a foreign company that speaks broken English. On the contact page it says, "We are looking ahead to hear from you." I'm not an English major, but it should say, "We are looking FORWARD to HEARING from you!"

The site goes on:

Do not be confused about which site to choose if you are looking for sex-offenders records in Alabama, US. Everyday thousands of people register with us to be sure of getting all comprehensive and updated information on the sex offenders who can be a danger to your family and your children any day. So do not waste time, be aware and be sure to protect your child from any sexual predator. We boast of our huge and comprehensive database which is enriched with all registered sex offenders’ records in Alabama. So make your search to stop the impending danger today and get the best results.

The search site for Alabama sex-offenders records is professionally designed and updated on regular basis to offer you the latest records. Take the privilege of our smart search tools which make your search so effortless! Here you can track down the sexual predators and their crimes so easily.

 If that is not enough to scare the bejeezus out of someone, they follow-up with a scary statistic. The site uses a stat pulled out of the ether with the claim 225 million children are sexually "abuse" every year. Only thing is, there are only 74.5 million kids in the USA. Stats laundering is quite common in places that promote public or privately run sex offender registries. 

A Whois search lists the company as working out of India. Are we outsourcing our sex offender registry or something these days?

Consider this my good deed for the day. Never trust a site offering their own privately-run registry. You end up getting more than you bargained for.

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