Thursday, January 16, 2014

ACTION ALERT! -- How to help ReFORM-AL fight HB 21

Legislative sessions have begun, so now is the time to fight HB 21, the anti-clustering law. ReFORM-AL is in the process of analyzing HB 21. This bill is more complex than the prior bill. Below is a brief summary of HB 21:
  1. HB 21 will prevent more than one registrant from living at the same address unless the two are related. This may potentially cause problems at apartment complexes, because the bill defines a "cluster" as two or more registrants in any location;
  2. HB 21 will place strict limitations on transitional housing: high yearly fees, restrictions on the number of registrants, and constant renewal of  licenses for running transitional housing; and
  3. HB 21 will give Sheriffs great discretion in allowing transitional housing in the community. If a sheriff does not approve, there will be no grievance procedure or court remedy. In addition, this bill gives the sheriff the power to conduct warrantless searches even if the registrants are not on probation or parole.

It is obvious Wallace's intent is to make the establishment of traditional housing an impossible task. 

The bad news is I will only be given about a 48 hours notice to prepare once the public hearing is set. It could be next week, it could be May. Last year, it was at the end of February. But because it COULD be next week, we need to act now. Here is how you can help. 

IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN THE MONTGOMERY AREA: If you are an activist who cannot come to Montgomery AL on a moment's notice, I suggest writing the legislators on the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. I have created a page containing the contact info for each of the NINE committee members.

If you live out of state you should not have to state you don't live in Alabama. Just state you're a concerned citizen. Or, pick a city and claim you live there. 

Click on the link to view the Committee contact info:


If you can attend, I could really use people willing to attend and testify before the committee. As soon as I am given a date, I will post another action alert. Remember, I will likely be given about two or three days' notice. So check back often. Please call me at 513-238-2873 and tell me you wish to be there in person. You don't have to know all the stats, I need people who can give testimony on how these laws can affect you. Emotional testimony is needed. 

OTHER SUPPORTERS: If you can support my efforts by making a donation to offset the costs of traveling to Montgomery, please do so. Donations can be sent here:

By Paypal:

By Mail: Derek Logue
2559 Eden Ave. #14
Cincinnati, OH 45219

NOTE: From what was explained to me, committee hearings are posted every day on "ALISON" (Alabama Legislation Information System On-Line). So Alison should be seen on  a weekly basis until the session ends around mid-May. Click on the link below, then on the next screen (It will say ALISON in giant letters), look on the left side of the screen and click on "Committee Meetings." On the next screen, select "House" then "Get Results" and scroll down until you see the "PS&HS." When HB 21 comes up it will be listed there.

The schedule for the upcoming week is typically posted on a Friday. Thus, I will literally only have the weekend and maybe one extra day to schedule my trip. So at beat I get 3 day's notice. 

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