Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bill Alerts for March 10, 2015


SB 67 is a very long bill, so I won't post the whole bill here. Nor is this bill exclusively about sex offenders. I am merely going to highlight some of the key facts to watch. 


It seems SB 67 is going to require the state to settle on an "actuarial" risk assessment test for "certain offenders;" I'm sure this means sex offenders, of course. Alabama currently lacks a standard for risk assessment. Also, this seems only to apply to juvenile offenders. 

SB 67 introduced a "Class D felony" with a maximum 5 year sentence and a maximum $7500 fine, half the penalty of a class C. It seems sex offenses are not given class D felon status, however. 

SB 67 extends the time by which alleged victims are notified of a registrant's release or pardon or parole review from 30 days to 45 days. 


HB 68 changes the time that an alleged victim can sue for damages from two years after the act to two years after the alleged perpetrator is convicted. 


ReFORM-AL opposes SB 67's extension of alleged victim notification from 30 days to 45 days, and opposes HB 68. However, neither bill has that much of an impact on the lives of Registered Citizens and is considered low priority. 

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