Friday, April 3, 2015

How many agencies does it take to track a single registrant? Why Bill Adair is full of hot air

Apparently it takes at least two agencies to keep up with the 162 Registered Citizens in Walker County, ESPECIALLY if you have the mindset of a Bill Adair. There is a reason why the terms "district attorney" and "dumb ass" have the same initials!

Adair needs to do his research. Registered Citizens do NOT have a high reoffense rate! Most who are arrested are arrested over technicalities by overzealous criminal justice agents. It seems that Adair is more concerned about buying a new computer than doing anything about corruption in his county.

District attorney secures grant for new software to track sex offenders
Featured 03 Apr 2015 Written by  Rachel Davis

The Jasper Police Department received a new computer system to assist with tracking sex offenders in the city, thanks to a grant secured for them by District Attorney Bill Adair.

Adair became aware of the grant offered through the Alabama Office of Prosecution Services and Alabama District Attorneys Association, as part of their commitment to protecting children and communities from sexual predators.

Adair applied for the grant and received one computer system for use in his area. Adair said the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and Jasper Police Department are the only two reporting agencies in the county and the sheriff’s office already has a system to track registered sex offenders.

The associations offering the grant discussed the need, based on the increasing number of sex offenders as well as the high recidivism rate among sexual offenders.

“I am very proud to be presently serving on the executive board for the District Attorney’s Association,” Adair said. “Not only is it an honor to have the respect of District Attorneys around the state to serve in that capacity, but it also allows me to find out about these grant opportunities and bring tangible assets back to our community to aid law enforcement and victims.”

Adair knows better than anyone how high the rate of sex offenses against children is in Walker County.

That was the reason he pushed for the creation of the Walker County Children’s Advocacy Center, located across the street from the Jasper Police Department.

He said programs like this one add another layer of protection to the county-wide efforts to bring sex offenders to justice and prevent more victims.

Jasper Police Chief J.C. Poe said he was grateful for the working relationship JPD has with the district attorney’s office and said the new software would be a great asset to the department, specifically to Detective Betty Smith, who handles most of the agency’s sex crimes investigations.

“She does a great job with handling those cases and all the responsibilities that go along with it,” Poe said. “This will be a great help to her.”

Smith said the software would help her be able to keep a closer eye on the registered sex offenders, ensure they are complying with the required notifications and communicate directly with the state to ensure all sex offenders in the area are registered.

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