Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WARNING: Alabama looking to add "resident camp facilities" to the growing list of restricted zones

It is a little late in the legislative season but both legislative sects have their own versions of this new bill-- HB654, HB680, and SB489. Why the House has two versions of the bill is beyond me, other than noting HB 654 lacks the sentence defining "resident camp facilities" and the word "knowingly" in the sentence stating whoever violates this law is guilty of a class C felony.

No matter the case, these laws are bad news. The definition is very confusing. Are they referring to treatment programs or summer camp?

There is no time to waste. Call your legislators today and stop these bad bills.

Synopsis: Under existing law, an adult sex offender may not establish or maintain a residence or other living accommodation within 2,000 feet of property on which a school or childcare facility is located.

This bill would prohibit an adult sex offender from establishing or maintaining a residence or other living accommodation within 2,000 feet of a resident camp facility for minors.


Section 1. Section 15-20A-11, Code of Alabama 1975, is amended to read as follows:

"(a) No adult sex offender shall establish a residence, maintain a residence after release or conviction, or establish any other living accommodation within 2,000 feet of the property on which any school, or childcare facility, or resident camp facility is located unless otherwise exempted pursuant to Sections 15-20A-23 and 15-20A-24. For the purposes of this section, a resident camp facility includes any place, area, parcel, or tract of land which contains permanent or semi-permanent facilities for sleeping owned by a business, church, or nonprofit organization used primarily for the educational, recreational, or religious purposes for minors and the location of the resident camp has been provided to local law enforcement. Resident camp does not include a private residence, farm, hunting, or fishing camp.

"(h) Any person who knowingly violates this section shall be guilty of a Class C felony."

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