Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Signs in Yards & Chemical Castration: Bad Legislation to oppose during the 2018 Alabama legislative season

The following bills MUST BE opposed during this legislative season.

By Senators Ward and Shelnutt
RFD Judiciary
Rd 1 18-JAN-18

Under existing law, community notification of sex offenders requires a flyer be mailed or hand delivered to required residences. The existing law also provides any other method reasonably expected to provide notification may be utilized. This bill would further authorize local law enforcement to post public notices on the property where adult sex offenders who are subject to community notification reside.

Reason this is bad: This means the state will allow local sheriffs to place signs in the yards of registered citizens. This would further ostracize registered citizens and make them targets of vigilantes.

By Representative Hurst
RFD Judiciary
Rd 1 09-JAN-18

Under existing law, there is no provision for the castration of certain convicted sex offenders. This bill would provide that any person over the age of 21 years who is convicted of certain sex offenses against a child 12 years of age or younger be chemically castrated before his or her release from the custody of the Department of Corrections. This bill would require that the cost of the procedure be paid by the adult criminal sex offender.

Reason this is bad: Castration. This time, Hurst removed the surgical part in hopes that this time, it will pass. That means some folks might take this bill seriously.

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