Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Calhoun Co. gets iris scan technology

Do we NEED Iris scans? Honestly? Of course, that it will be used on sex offenders is the selling point.

Calhoun Co. Gets New Technology
Reported by: Al Ratcliffe
Last Update: 6/22 9:34 pm

Lawmen in East Alabama now have new tool in their arsenal. They don't shoot it, throw it, or use it for cuffs. They use it to take pictures. Very high resolution pictures of very tiny things.

It's called the IRIS, or Inmate Recognition and Identification System. And it's used to map the tiny points of the iris in the human eye. Sean Mullin is training members of the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office on how to use it. Mullin says no two irises are alike. So they're just as good or better than fingerprints as a way to identify people.

The main use in Calhoun County will be in the jail. Adding to the database of known criminals. Using the IRIS, it will be a lot more difficult to let the wrong person out of jail. It will also be used to help keep track of sex offenders. Sheriff Larry Amerson says even if someone gives a false name or identification, one quick picture of the suspect's iris will let cops know who the person is.

The system is currently in 47 different departments across the nation. And Calhoun County is the only agency in Alabama with it.

Besides keeping track of criminals, the IRIS system is also a good tool to use in the case of kidnapped or missing children

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