Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say goodbye, Troy King, Tim James

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Birmingham lawyer Luther Strange has defeated incumbent Troy King for the Republican nomination for Alabama attorney general. With about three-fourths of the votes counted Tuesday night, Strange had about 60 percent of the vote to King's 40 percent. Strange had the backing of Republican Gov. Bob Riley and other top GOP figures in a bitter, closely watched race. Riley appointed King in 2004, but the two have since split in a heated dispute over electronic bingo.

Sorry Troy, I won't miss you. Maybe if you didn't rely so much on sex offender issues you would not have lost. People are getting sick of Predator Panic.

By the way, the other politico exploiting sex offender issues, Republican Tim James, ALSO lost last night.

This reminds me of my Sex Offender Issue theory. Politicians relying on sex offender issues to get votes usually means one of the following:

1. They are severely deficient in other areas of concern to voters, such as views on taxes, education, health care, or the economy.
2. They are desperate for attention, and/ or
3. They are closet sex offenders a la Mark Foley.

Alabama politics may be a joke, but at least with two clowns out of the running, it may not be so bad.

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