Sunday, October 17, 2010

Auburn Police given grant to harass sex offenders

The combination of hick-town policing and big brother funding leads to potentially idiotic results, especially when local hick town news reports it in a negative light:

Grant helps Auburn Police buckle down on sex offenders

Christina Chambers

They are not allowed to live near schools, daycares, or churches, but it is easy for a registered sex offender to blend in with the community. 

[NOTE: I know of no Alabama law that bars registrants from living near churches, unless it is a local ordinance. Alabama does, however, ban registrants from living within 2000 feet of colleges.]

The Auburn Police Department received a "Child Sexual Predator Program" grant from the United States Department of Justice through their "Community Oriented Policing Services" (COPS) Office.

The grant is worth $110,500. It is designed to reduce and prevent child endangerment and protect communities from sexual predators. "The safety and well-being of our children is crucial to a healthy community and the grant will assist us in our efforts in this area," said Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson.

Auburn is the only department in the state of Alabama to receive the grant this year. Dawson said the money will be spent in investigations, education, and personnel to help with sexual abuse cases.

"This is huge, and it means a lot for our department to receive such an award," said Lieutenant Steve Woods. Woods investigates and regulates all registered sex offenders in the Auburn area. "One sex offender is one too many," said Dawson.

The Auburn Police Division was nominated for the grant by the United States Attorney's Office and the United States Marshals Service for the Middle District of Alabama.

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  1. One sex offender is to many if they are true sex offenders but what about when they are not and just got caught up in all this "blown out" craze that pretty much says all you have to do is have consensual sex or not even have sex at all to be a sex offender for life. The one's that rape and murder and mame are the one's that get away with the BS. My son was 24 when all this sexual crap started. He was led to believe the girl was 17 and that her father was beating her. She snuck out of the house and met him and he took her to what he thought was safety for her and the next day when her dad found her is when he found out she lied and that she was only 12 years old *all 5ft 6inches of her!* She could have fooled me, a grown woman! What was she doing at the age of 12 having free reign on the internet to be talking with guys on the computer. She was a victim all right but ot of a sex predator, just bad parenting! Don't get me wrong, I am so glad that my son is who she ended up associating with and not a psycho! but they fondled and didn't even have sex because she said no and my son complied because he is NOT a sexual predator. He was never before than and hasn't since than! And just because he associated with her he is now condemned for life! His life is ruined,my life is ruined because all he has is me or jail!!! and legally he doesn't even have me because his own brother is under the age of 18. If he has no legal place to live within 10 days of his release he will be charged with a Class C felony and put back in jail from 15 years to life! He can't get a job, no one will let him rent because they don't want the flyers out and he can't even go into a store because she lied about her age and he is not allowed to be within a certain amount of feet from anyone under the age of 12!

    He made a mistake and was given time served as a misdemeanor because the Judge knew it was just a mistake and 3 months later while he was out of jail they decided to rescind their laws and make anyone that had a sex charge on them a registered sex offender for life!!!! I am so angry!! You idiots need to wake up and realize what the hell you are doing!!!! I don't vote because there is no way I will vote any of you idiots into office under my doing!!! I am not that niave!!!!! I am not one of those parents that is in denial about their child. I know my son. I was there for him. I loved him and raised him! They give murderers who chop up little girls and dump their bodies into a swamp less time than sex offenders! When they get out of jail they are scott free. They can hide that fact. In my opinion they are violating their 14th Amendment rights!!!! Y'all need to sort these laws out and appropriate them appropriately!!!! My son does not deserve to be treating like a psychopath. He wouldn't hurt a flea. His life will never be right because of this BS and neither will mine!!!