Sunday, October 31, 2010

Steve Hurst running on human mutilation platform

This is Steve Hurst, who is seeking a fourth term for the State House of Representatives. Like most politicos, Hurst is bringing up sex offender issues, which likely means he's probably losing in the polls to his opponent. Either that or there are more than just questions about the $85,000+ he received by PAC groups in the past month.

That in itself is not groundbreaking news. The legislation he has proposed, however, is very disturbing and for this reason, ReFORM Alabama prays this man loses his election:

One of the bills Hurst cites as most important to him in seeking another term deals with punishments for people who sexually abuse children.

“The attorney general presented a package two years ago, I think, that would have provided chemical castration for convicted sex offenders. I added an amendment calling for surgical castration. The AG asked me to remove the amendment so the federal courts didn’t strike down the whole thing, but promised me he would support me on a stand alone bill that would do just that. I want it to be tested in the federal courts. You don’t ever get in if you don’t keep knocking.”

The attorney general offered no help with the stand alone bill, but Hurst said he kept up the effort anyway.

The most recent version of the bill required life in prison for conviction of a sex crime against a child less than 12. Release would require surgical castration, which would be up to the inmate. Under Hurst’s original bill, molestation of a child under the age of six could carry the death penalty. In the version that passed the House Judiciary Committee, a sentence of life without parole was required for the rape, sodomy or sexual torture of a child under the age of 8.

“That’s the reason I want to go back,” he said.

Read more: The Daily Home - Hurst says he s not done yet has more work to do
Steve Hurst wishes not only to disobey the US Supreme Court by executing sex offenders who do not kill their victims, he wishes to castrate them as well. It is a bad thing when even Troy King, the sadistic soon-to-be-ex-AG, warns you to remove a mutilation provision of a bill. This man must NOT be re-elected!

UPDATE: Hurst won in a VERY CLOSE race with his opponent in the Nov. 2 election. Too bad.

State House: Room 627-C
11 S. Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130
(334) 353-9215
District: 155 Quail Run Road
Munford, AL 36268
Home Phone: (256) 761-1935

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