Friday, June 3, 2011

It really IS all about the money-- AL SORNA

The truth comes out-- it is all about the money. That, and trying to find lame excuses to lock up people who have completed their sentences. Considering how few actually have a job due to Predator Panic, how do they expect someone who has no job to pay $250? This law is unconstitutional. Make those who want this useless info pay the fees instead. I'd refuse to pay.

Bill to tighten Ala. sex offender registration heads to Bentley

The bill would require weekly registration from homeless offenders.

By Alison Flowers

The Alabama Senate unanimously passed measures to tighten the state's existing sex offender registration law Thursday. The bill is now headed to Governor Robert Bentley's desk for approval.

The new requirements would prohibit a sex offender who abused a sibling from living under the same roof as the person they abused. Homeless offenders would have to register weekly with law enforcement until they secure a permanent address. All offenders would have to supply extra information to be made public, under the proposed law.
But the measure that Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says is long overdue: the $250 offender registration payment.
"Every time an individual moves, we have to notify the area where they're moving, and there's an expense involved each time."
Federal law mandates the sheriff's office track sex offenders, an endeavor that involves software and fees.
"The public wants to know, and they need to know in regard to these individuals in their neighborhoods, but it can be an expensive proposition at some point," Jones said.


  1. It is about the money. I have a relative who works in Alabama Law Enforcement, and he said that this bill was written as a job creations bill.

    They are more concerned about creating jobs for police officers that they are about public safety and the rights of the individual.

    I voted for this governor and I can guarantee that I will NOT VOTE for him next time... If I haven't been arrested for a new bogus felony charge by then.

  2. And yet ultimately they will spend more money sending people back to jail.