Sunday, June 26, 2011

More news about the new law to take effect July 1st

It seems this new law recently passed is even worse than previously thought. The Cullman Times reports even MORE new provisions to the newest law taking effect July 1st, 2011. The Day Labor law will effectively prevent registrants from obtaining employment, as most day laborers don't even know where they will work. Who will be able to afford the fees and GPS? It is obviously a ploy to incarcerate those on the list.

A few other significant changes to the sex offender law include:
  • Registered sex offenders who are homeless are required to check in once a week.
  • Those who do day labor must provide local law enforcement with details about where and when they will be working each day.
  • Sex offenders will have to pay a $10 fee every time they register. That same fee will also be charged for every move.
  • A travel permit is required through local law enforcement if a sex offender plans to be away from their residence for more than three days or if they plan to travel outside the area.
  • Those sex offenders who have been classified as sexual predators or convicted of sexually violent crimes will be required to wear a Global Positioning System (GPS) for 10 years, at their own expense.
  • Some youthful offenders and juveniles, those charged with more serious sex crimes, will have to register for a lifetime instead of 10 years.


  1. WOW. The law is a reflection of YOUR society.

    You people are ugly and I bet most of you claim to be Christians. Hypocrites to be more precise. After all Judgment will come to the house of God first right? I wonder why... you boldly cast out the very ones who need redemption, and salvation, and the word. The very WORD you claim to be your guiding light. But your actions are contrary to your belief. You need to read your Bible more often than watching TV.

    Looks like society in general needs an enema. But, it isn't the "sex offenders" that need change, it is "we the people" who need to change. And it is the people who need changing, We (you) need to change the law (code/color of law).

    The Laws are not needed, to "prevent" anything from happening. After all it is a proven fact NO LAW PREVENTS CRIME!!! All you are doing is giving some politic enough money so he can hire his brother's (NOT YOU) and put him in authority in an office that is vain, and does NOTHING to justify the expense. Wasting valuable public resources to further dumb down America seems to be your plan, and it is working.

    Now that you have given the legislature legal (not lawful)authority to create retro active laws.. look out for your children, look out for your local super markets, look out for your local jobs, look out for your own freedom... they are coming after them too... And you can't stop them now.

    And for the record, when did you usurp authority over God, and tell Him you are just doing your JOB?

    I am sure that will go over well when you are standing in front of Him during Judgment.

  2. Where does this new punishment leave those that are wrongly convicted? What recourse do they have? I know someone that was wrongly convicted three decades ago that cannot get any help to have the verdict overturned. This person lives alone, pays their bills on time every month, is a model citizen and lives on $800 a month. That must pay rent, utilities, insurance, both health and car, meds, food and anything else that is needed. These people that pass such laws have no insight in the way society works. We are already practically a bankrupt country and Alabama is one of the poorest states in the country and these idiots want to make things harder for the people that are trying to live. If there is a violent sex offender, then, sentence accordingly but not everyone can be put in the same group. I am ashamed to know that Alabama is my home state. I think it is time to leave the pit of hell that our so called leaders have made of Alabama.

  3. Amen to that. This law is not about preventing sex crimes but about vindictiveness.

  4. if a person has to drive for a living out of state,they now must lose their job. alabama is
    not right on this one.

  5. That's because they'd much rather you be on welfare. Well, until they decide to take that too. It is really all about sending you back to prison.