Monday, October 31, 2011

Drunken Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan makes for bad interview

Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan is currently on probation for a DUI, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was drunk when he gave this idiotic interview for the Times Daily.  

 Sex offenders attend meeting Halloween night
By Tom Smith, Senior Staff Writer,183811

All sex offenders in Alabama will be required to attend an educational program on sex offender laws for four hours on Halloween night. The Alabama State Probation and Parole Office and the U.S. Probation Office are joining together to provide the program on state and federal sex offender laws to all felony sex offenders under supervision of state and federal probation and parole offices in Huntsville.

U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance’s office requires felony sex offenders to attend the educational program, which also will provide training on employment and other community support topics. It will be 5:30-9:30 p.m. Monday at an undisclosed location. 

The timing of the program coincides with trick-or-treaters taking to the streets Halloween night and going door to door. “I know parents are concerned and it’s a concern for law enforcement,” Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan said. “There are a couple of times a year I refer to as a pedophile’s dream come true. This is one of those times.”

Supervisory U.S. Probation Officer Jeffrey Purcell said the operation is a pro-active venture to provide education and training to sex offenders, and improve accountability and behavior change. “As well as safeguard the community, in that these offenders will not be participating in Halloween activities,” he said. Deputy Florence Police Chief Tim Shaddix backs the program. “I know parents who have already gotten on the Internet to find where the registered sex offenders live to make sure they don’t take their children into those neighborhoods,” he said.

Logan said knowing that sex offenders will not be around on Halloween night will give parents and law enforcement some peace of mind. “This is brilliant. I love it,” Logan said. “It will help provide a safe environment for the hundreds of kids out Halloween night and their parents.” 

In Tennessee, state probation and parole officers will be making announced and unannounced visits to make sure convicted sex offenders are complying with restrictions during Halloween. They cannot answer the door to trick-or-treaters, pass out candy, decorate their homes, host Halloween parties or wear costumes, state officials said. Local law enforcement officers will be going with probation and parole officers on many of the visits. “I know this is a concern for the public and for parents, but hopefully these measures will ease their concerns,” Shaddix said.

Well, before anyone thinks I'm making up the Tony Logan drunkenness bit, see the story below. A recent study found that your the biggest risk to your child is AUTO-RELATED. You know, like a lush behind the wheel of a car. Who is the bigger threat?:,0,4133902.story

Tuscumbia's Police Chief Found Guilty In DUI Case

Tony Logan faces a $600 fine for the conviction

WHNT NEWS 19 Staff Reports
11:33 AM CST, March 10, 2010
Tuscumbia's police chief went before a judge Wednesday on his DUI charge. A Colbert County judge found Tony Logan guilty. Judge James Hall ordered Logan to pay a $600 fine, and handed him a 90-day suspended sentence. He will also serve two years probation. Logan's blood alcohol level was .272 when he was arrested December 5, 2009. Florence Police arrested Logan outside of his home after Logan turned in to his driveway, missed, and hit the mailbox. Florence Police say Logan hit his City of Tuscumbia patrol car that was parked in the driveway and ended up in a neighbor's yard across the street. Logan had been on administrative leave until March 1, when he reported to work. Tuscumbia Mayor Bill Shoemaker says he needed Logan back on the job.

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