Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Early List for upcoming Alabama Laws

I suppose it is never too early to list the stupidity that is the Alabama state legislative agenda for 2012. Thankfully, should any dumb laws pop up, hopefully one of you will act quickly and request a public hearing on the law, thus stymieing any new laws from slipping in without opposition:

HB 4: "Caylee's Law:" Great, even Alabama wants to pass this stupid law?
Children, failure to report a missing child in the first degree (Felony B) and in the second degree (Felony C), failure to report the death of a child (Felony B), false reporting to law enforcement authorities (Felony B), crimes of established, Caylee's Law, Sec. 13A-10-9 am'd.
ReFORM-AL Stance: Opposed. Do we need a named law? Furthermore, the law is very vague. What is "timely reporting?" There is a reason why LE in the past tended to make you wait a certain time before you filed a missing person's report.

Apparently the Senate also has a similar sounding version, SB 38. Well I give a similar opposition. 

SB 41: An Act repealing the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, the controversial immigration bill.
ReFORM-AL position. I Support this bill. Now if they only had the balls to repeal the Adam Walsh Act.

 So far, no direct sex offender laws. That could change of course. However, I mentioned these two laws because they represent the mood of the citizens of Alabama. One is a monkey-see-monkey-do law (Caylee's Law), while the other is the result of backlash against another hastily passed law targeting immigrants based on ignorant racism and stereotyping.

Follow the links on the right to keep tabs on any upcoming bills. While I try my best to maintain up-to-date info, I can miss a few things.

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